Quadro Coolant Ring for the MITERS Dyna CNC!

Recently I made a cool attachment for the MITERS dyna-myte CNC machine. Before, we only had one coolant hose on the CNC (WEAK SAUCE!!!) and the coolant hose itself was the limiting factor in terms of coolant speed. Now we got four and man she rips.


Here’s how I built it.

First I took some measurements and made a CAD drawing. The ID is exactly 100mm, which will fit around the dyna spindle. The clamping mechanism was an “I’ll figure that out later” job.

ring 1

How it works: coolant flows through the lid and into the manifold channel. The channel distributes it around the ring. The lid will be sealed on with a lot of bolts and some silicone seal. Here is the tool path.

ring 2

I never actually CADded the lid- I planned to just run the same job twice without cutting the channel on the lid.

Here is a pic of the dyna before the mods. One coolant hose, WEAK!


Finagled the stock into the vise, and finagled the zise into the right position. It was a real PITA as this part was pretty close to the size of the build volume of the dyna. I then rotated the coordinate system of the part in solidworks to match the weird stock angle.




The center bore made a huge pile of chips. Needs another three hoses to push the chips off!




The mill actually looks badass. Having a CNC in miters is actually awesome.


Jamo offered to help me waterjet the lid, but unfortunately the waterjet blew up mid job and only cut out most of the bolt holes and the input hose hole.


Better than nothing. I bandsawed out the piece and bolted it onto the main block, which was still in the vise. Just rezeroed the Z and ran the operations to cut the outer contours and drill a few remaining uncut bolt holes.


All cut. Unfortunately the mill made a surprise plunge with a countersink into one of the bolt holes. Luckily, the coolant channel was untouched and thus the part was still fine.


The surface finish left with these zirconium nitride endmills is great.


I bandsawed off as much of the leftover stock as possible and stuck it in the Clausing.


I turned off the bottom of the input shoulder, which was a bit scary as it was an interrupted cut. However,  no problems were encountered.


I bandsawed a cut and bridgeported in a recessed clamping screw. I then did a bit of sanding which gave the anodized bottom a cool look.


Holes tapped for 1/4 NPT and pipes installed!!!


Installed into the machine and coolant attached! Whoa!


A great success. Definitely a good addition to the CNC.


At this point the ball valve on the coolant hose is the limiting factor in terms of coolant flow.

Great success!