Parts are Showing up

I’ve got the motor and batts!
10,000 MAh of Zippy lipos.


The only issue is that they don’t pack 100% square. The wires that come out are really thick. Also, the connectors on them are pretty weird. Not exactly sure how I’ll sort it out, that would be a lot of XT90s or 60s or whatever.


Here’s the motor. Its pretty big.

unnamed (1)

Aaannndd all taken apart!


The biggest thing I’m not sure about right now is the motor/battery setup. If I go 6s2p on the stock 149kv, theoretical top speed on a full charge is almost 40mph- that’s insane. If I change the winding from WYE to delta, theoretical top speed is 23- so in real life that’s probably closer to 20, so as the battery runs down it probably will sag all the way down to 15 or so, much too slow for what I like. If I jump to 9s with the WYE modification, top speed is more reasonable but it’s annoying to lose a battery. I’ll see what happens. I way do some funky rewire-but-not-rewind of the motor to like 1/3rd the kv, with 12s? who knows lol. Stay tuned!