FOC Motor Controller part 3: The Delinquent Current Sensors Persist

Welcome back to the motor control suite. After blowing up the last board, I decided to design a new one.  Changes included new current sense amplifiers and a different power regulator setup. The current sense amps were the LMP8481, which required an additional 3.3v trace to be routed to the sense amplifier area. This proved […]

Back Burner Project: FOC Motor Controller!

It seems as if building a motor controller is somewhat of a MITERS rite-of-passage. Inspired by Ben’s and Bayley’s motor control work, I decided to embark on my own motor control adventures. This morning, I pressed the 3pcb button for a batch of 10 boards. Chips onboard: IRSM005-800MH half bridges with integrated gate drive STM32F446 […]

PROGRESS: the granite blob-mill does appear to exist

Progress has been made on the granite-blob-mill. A lot has happened, and we will journey through the events of the last two/three months in chronological order. First, the Misumi rails showed up! They were expertly packaged and shrink-wrapped. They slide extremely well, with near-zero static friction. Compared to some other four point contact rails I […]

Part 3: Robot V2, Programming, and Wiring

Three weeks to go until impound. With the switched reluctance motor out of the equation and the rampbot (mostly) mechanically done, I began construction on the second version of the ramp climber robot. This robot would use two motors and be built out of more reasonable materials than acrylic. Two motors would provide more power […]

2.007: Cook Me Dumplings and Switched Reluctance (Part 2)

With the MCM robot done and running, I moved onto building the Rampbot. This was the part of the concept 9 design that deployed outside the starting box and allowed the MCM robot to climb the ramp. This ramp needed to start inside the starting box (blue lines), and then extend to the correct position as […]