HubMotorBoard: The Beginnings

I’ve decided to start a blog about this project. I aim to show all the ingenuity that went into this board (as sort of a resume but cooler) as well as help others if they want to make a board like mine. The basic goal is to make a long range board using a hub motor. Electric longboards are dead useful, powerful enough to haul me far into Boston and back, yet small enough to put under a chair in lecture. The board becomes even more powerful if used with the subway and commuter rail, allowing me to get pretty much anywhere I need without having to walk. It’s about 2/3 the speed of a bike, but a 1/10th the size. Through electrically less efficient and less torquey, hub motors provide several advantages over a traditional belt drive setup such as being an entirely self contained setup and being somewhat water and crap proof. Plus they’re just cool- who puts motors INSIDE wheels???

This will be my third board. Here was my first. It featured a direct drive 236kv Turnigy Aerodrive motor modified, not rewound for about 80Kv.


The innards.


The motor eventually died, I’m pretty sure it shorted out, honestly I’m not sure. Its coggin’ like its shorted but all the phases have the same resistance.
So, board V2.




This board was sold for $500. It was good but kinda exposed for what I wanted, and totally not waterproof. I also wanted bigger wheels and a shorter board.
So, on to the new one. Here is the cad I presented to Baker Exec, who will be funding the project.



A cutaway view. This is with the same size motor as V1. In the actual board I’ll be doing with a bigger one, the 6374 instead of the 5065. I’ll update the CAD when it comes so the dimensions are exactly right.