Getting Closer to Competition: the complete CAD/Electronics Saga

Solidworks is my friend. Shadows is currently on revision #7, it has come a long way: The venerable Version 1. Diameter: 170mm, Drive: dual SK3 2822s, Battery: 1000mah 3s. From the conception of this project I knew brushless drive was basically mandatory to have a solid robot. Therefore legit motor controllers (rather than just big […]

Moving forward: New Chassis

Major design progress. It became pretty clear that the small side panels used previously would be difficult to support, and not very strong/elegant in the first place. Thus I decided to jump to the mill-everything-out-of-one-piece method, integrating the side panels with the tooth support. These blocks also hold outer bearing supports, which will contain thrust […]

Shadows in Blue: 3lb battlebot

Finally, a cool project! Finally, a battlebot! Shadows in Blue is small semi-autonomous 3lb battle robot. It is a “melty,” a translational drift style robot which means the robot itself will spin rapidly and translate by quickly modulating power to the motors. Preliminary CAD: Semi-Autonomous, did you say?? Why yes. While watching videos it seems […]