Prius A/C IPM Part 2: JaredTroller Assembly and Housing Machining

Much Progress! last post here. The JaredTroller boards arrived. The text got a bit messed up but other than that they looked great. The footprint I made fit the brick perfectly. It fit very snugly. The capacitors did not fit very well though, as they were wider than expected. Some slight belt sanding was necessary to […]

Getting Into IMPs: Prius A/C IPM Motor

Recently I bought a little BMX bike. Obviously it will not stay pedal powered for long. Over winter break I’d been thinking a lot about what motor to put on it. I had a few 6374 SK3s kicking around, which seemed good but would be just slightly underpowered for a bike. The calculations I did suggested that it […]

ESC MK 2: F303 DRV8323SR Motor Controller

In last week’s post, I showed the design of a new motor controller I’ve been working on. This motor controller is better than my last one mostly just due to its elegant simplicity. It uses the DRV8323SR, a recently released chip by TI, which contains all six gate drives,  three shunt amplifiers, and even a […]

One Night Project: Analog Current-Mode Hysteresis Brushed Motor Controller

Hysteresis Best-Teresis. Tonight I built a current-mode controller for brushed motors. Instead of going the traditional route using a microcontroller controlling PWM through a PI loop, I used only a comparator and an op amp. I had a hunch that this would work while being exceedingly simple. My hunch turned out to be correct, and […]

October, and a New Motor Controller

October has been a month of pretty hardcore board layout fun. Two days ago I submitted a 3pcb order with 5 WHOLE BOARDS. First up, a new ESC, ESC Mk 2: Second up, basically the same board but without the microcontroller: Third up: an NRF24L01+ controller board, using an STM32F303. Fourth up: another NRF24L01+ controller […]

Cook-Me-Pasta: Pasta and Dumpling Cooking Machine!

Recently I constructed a rather interesting machine. The machine was the result of several factors: Last spring a project vacuum was created after I finished the Granite Mini-Mill. The granite mini-mill was very legitimate, and therefore it was time to create something illegitimate. Preferably, something really, really illegitimate. Time is finite. This is a stunning realization: […]